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American lady talk

I believe, the prestigious National Defense College situated in Islamabad invites visiting dignitaries and others for addressing the directing staff as well as students. About 10 days back, came the American Lady Ambassador to give her annual talk. When she was on the podium, she said that she had brought a prepared speech but would not speak from it. This time it will be questions and answers. She started by saying, all institutions in Pakistan have been destroyed systematically. She added that America gave over 10 billion in aid in last few years. It was spent on the army. There is nothing to show for, there is no accountability. She added that Pakistan has become a banana republic.

All this, she said much to the humiliation of all Pakistanis listening. (My comments are: Pakistan is being attacked with full force from all sides with a plan, well-conceived. It may be noted that Musharraf has recently started showing eyes to the Americans, because Pakistan is not a banana republic. It is my considered opinion, we must stand behind Musharraf fair and square at this point in time. It is also my opinion, Musharraf should hand over power to the elected civilian Government after the elections.).

Though Musharraf did some good things for the Country, It is time for him to call quits. Quit he should, unless he knows something which we do not. It may be in State’s interest to keep the apprehensions under carpet for the time being.



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