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Binding Force

The people of Pakistan are skink in deep confusion about what is happening in Pakistan. Which direction Pakistan is going to? In the changing world, where does Pakistan stand? The economic conditions of Pakistan are not satisfactory and the inflation level is very high. The life of the poor people of Pakistan is becoming miserable day by day. The questions about the existing system have been raised by many people. More questions are bothering the individuals, the society, the provinces, and the institutions. They see the upset and uncertain situation of the country. The corruption is controlling the whole country. Very rare cases of honesty could be found. All signs are negative. The justice system does not seem to be working. The administration system has failed to deliver.

This situation is leading towards chaos which is very dangerous because if it happens nothing is safe; no life or property nor travelling as there is no rule. Therefore, all ancient philosophers, medieval or current, and even Muslim philosophers have advised to stop and not let it happen in any case.

In this situation, if we evaluate, the foremost binding force of Pakistan is Islam. Even after the debacle of East Pakistan, Islam has been the binding force of this Allah’s given land. Pakistan’s love was and is in the hearts of the people of Pakistan though this country was facing some jumps and jerks but absorbing and moving forward. Then the situation started changing. The successive governments started accepting the external pressures to change the fundamental doctrines of Pakistan and the basis on which Pakistan was established. The governments that have no mandate from the majority of the people and by the constitution were continuously making efforts to create chaos changing the fundamental and decided deals with the discipline institution which can say yes or no easily on any issue.

The foreigners indulging in the affairs right from the beginning considering Pakistan’s geopolitically important location, it’s very disciplined army which has destroyed and defeated the empire of the USSR in Afghanistan, and as some of Americans say that America was defeated due to Pakistan. That means Pakistan defeated two empires. Both empires considered Pakistan solely responsible for their humiliation. In the West, it is believed that Pakistan’s armed forces are so formidable that could destroy the world’s whole system especially South Asia and even Far Asia if they join hands with China.

Thus the Western powers seem to be interested in destabilizing Pakistan and keeping Pakistan’s forces busy in the country to face a Hybrid war, which means terrorism, bad economic conditions, bad administration, questionable Judiciary system, inflation, and fury of the people of Pakistan. In the hybrid battle, the Pakistan Army is weakening its cohesion with the people. This is alarming as the second binding Force of Pakistan is in the state of losing its grip over the country

Power Tussle

The power tussle between politicians and the Establishment is going after the sad demise of the Founder father of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The qualities and abilities of the politicians were in question from the very first day of the establishment of Pakistan. The establishment considered politicians as inferior brands for the ruling of the country as they do not have the experience of ruling and some of the politicians were proud enough to consider that the armed forces should obey their command.

It was the right of the politician. But sometimes, one or some of them went beyond that to insult the Commander in Chief as Muhammad Ayub Khoro did in the last civilian government of Feroz Khan Noon to keep General Ayub Khan outside his Defense Minister office waiting for quite a long time. Other than this incident, the politicians of Punjab who were in the habit of obeying English Vice Roy or Governor were more inclined to accept the orders of the Army which consisted of Punjab and Frontier now called KPK. Speaking of the people of Pakistan, they like the army as they consider that the army can only revive the Muslim renaissance. The dream can only be fulfilled by the armed forces. After Jinnah and to some extent Liaquat Ali Khan, the people of Pakistan trusted the army.

Unfortunately, the dream of the people could not be fulfilled. On the contrary, half of Pakistan was lost. As the system of forces of Command and Control or discipline does not allow checks and balances and the army people rule through the strength of military power. This has been in question now. Though all civilian rulers were installed by the establishment, yet all civilians tried to obtain absolute power, despite lack of inability and corruption losing credibility.

In any case, and despite all ifs and buts, Pakistan needs the binding force which is now the disciplined army, which can be convinced to withdraw from the power tussle if the politicians show morality, dignity, and grace coupled with a record of patriotism. This is a much better solution than facing a chaos-like situation that is divesting all power players.

Any damage to the disciplined institution will put Pakistan in a position of compromise with the enemy or enemies’ agenda. Let the Chief of Army Staff consolidate its command and let the army remain in place.

Nusrat Mirza

Chief Editor



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