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Nuclear Command and Control Reforms and other steps

Compiled by Nashia Mirza


May:Pakistan tests six nuclear devices.

Oct: General Pervez Musharraf appointed chief of army staff.

Dec: Strategic Plans division (SPD) informally commences activity.


Musharraf submits plan for a national command authority (NCA,) with the SPD as secretariat, to take charge of operational, financial and security controls over all strategic organizations

Oct:Musharraf deposes Prime Minister Sharif in a military coup. Musharraf formalizes military’s role in Pakistan’s policymaking process through creation of national Security Council (NSC)


Feb: NSC consolidates nuclear command-and-control structure and establishes full accountability for all nuclear laboratories.

Nov: All organizations in nuclear and missile programmes put under NCA control.


Jan:The National Engineering and Scientific commission, headed by PAEC official, created on top of the National Development complex (NDC); new division of labour makes PAEC responsible for mining and reprocessing, KRL for enrichment, and NDC for weaponisation issues.

Jan: Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority begins to oversee safety procedures and radiation protection in civilian nuclear facilities.

June: Musharraf declares himself president of Pakistan.

Sep: Pakistan agrees to join US-led effort against al-Qaeda and supporters in Afghanistan.

Oct: US learn two retired Pakistani nuclear scientists had been meeting with al-Qaeda leaders; ISI detains the scientists for three months.


Exposure of Khan Network

Apr: UNSCR 1540 mandates all countries to develop effective measures to prevent illicit trafficking of sensitive nuclear materials

Sep: Pakistan’s parliament adopts `Export control on Goods, Technologies, Material and Equipment Related to Nuclear and Biological Weapons and their Delivery Systems Act’.

Oct: Pakistan provides 11-page report on national measures to implement UNSCR 1540.


Aug: Pakistan observes a Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) exercise for the first time.

Sep:  Pakistan provides 125 page follow-up matrix of national compliance to UNSCR 1540.


Mar: Pakistan joins Container Security Initiative (CSI)



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