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Pak-Turkey ties

Erdogan addresses Parliament,

Opposition should not make attempts to oust Govt

Turkish Prime Minister Visit to Pakistan

During his historical address, Erdogan termed the strong democratic system in Pakistan vital for regional peace, by defining the role of opposition in the parliamentary form of governance that is not to criticise the government merely for the sake of criticism.
Delivering the speech in his national language, the foreign dignitary also singled out democracy as only way to resolve problems confronting nations.
The heavily attended session, with large participation of members from both sides of the aisle, resounded with the address of the Turkish prime minister, marked with the occasional desk-thumping across party lines.
Erdogan advised Pakistani parliamentarians that democracy was a heavy responsibility that government shouldered for the betterment of society. He said there was a heavy responsibility on the nation’s parliamentarians who were striving hard for democracy and to help solve the longstanding problems of the masses. He said that strong democratic system in Pakistan could lead to an equally strong economic system that could benefit its people. The Turkish prime minister also appreciated the role Pakistani parliamentarians were playing to make the country strong and prosperous.
Expressing his thoughts on the opposition in parliamentary form of government, the Turkish PM said the real role of the opposition was not to criticize the government merely for the sake of criticism, but to point out the ills that need to be corrected.
He also talked about deep historic ties between the two countries that have withstood the test of times, and vowed to stand by Pakistan through thick and thin and work together to further deepen their multifaceted ties.
He termed Pakistan Turkey’s deep and old friend, and voiced satisfaction in addressing the joint sitting of parliament for the second time. He extended greetings to the Pakistani nation from the people and the government of Turkey. Erdogan referred to close economic ties between the two countries and expressed the confidence that establishment of high-level economic cooperation council… joint economic commission and joint working groups would give impetus to their cooperation.
He said the two countries had decided to take their bilateral trade to $2 billion and it was his desire to take it even beyond that.
Turkey backs Pakistan over NATO supplies
Turkish prime minister says Pakistani people will suffer if government, opposition keep fighting, He also supported Pakistan on resumption of NATO supplies, saying it is “an internal matter” of Pakistan.



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