Thursday, June 20, 2024


Pakistan was in crisis and after Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s martyrdom, this crisis has deepened. The whole nation sunk in to grief and sorrow. It was cruel to kill such a good human being, a brilliant politician, a beautiful woman and worldly renowned lady. After this incident country witnessed unprecedented violence and disturbance for almost three days. Shops were looted, markets were closed, the roads were without traffic, petrol pumps were closed, some of them were burnt, banks could not open and some of them were looted, trains were burnt, railway tracks were damaged. It looked like a revolt. Pakistan, which was already in crisis for not doing enough in War against Terror and not taking action against local Taliban and that Pakistan’s Nukes may reach in the hands of extremists or local Taliban, was plunged in to deeper crisis and pressure increased tremendously.

Who killed Mohtarma is yet to be known. Scotland Yard is investigating the murder Mohatrarma Be Nazir Bhutto. Government of Pakistan has created doubt and suspicion for changing the statements and fixing the responsibility of this cruel and barbarous act. Whosoever, killed BB is not a friend of Pakistan as it was meant to create instability and chaos in Pakistan. However, sense prevailed and Pakistan People Party snubbed those who were chanting slogans against Pakistan. Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has in first press conference after the martyrdom of BB openly countered them by saying that we need Pakistan. For us, it was very wise and patriotic act of Mr. Zardari. Now, the situation in Pakistan though calm but tense. For us, this was an international conspiracy. As said, Allama Arif ul Hussaini was killed for supply of arms to Iran and Murtaza Bhutto was punished for supply of Stinger Missile to Syria.

Interaction, in this issue has focused on martyrdom of BB and Nuclear Issue. We think that west is doing injustice to Pakistan who is an active partner in war on terror. In fact, Pakistan’s nukes are in safe hands and in no way, they are going in the hands of extremists and Taliban or Alqaeda.

We appeal to US and West to stop Pakistan bashing because there is no possibility of going our nukes in the hands of extremists as Pakistan has more complicated and more secure system to protect them than even west. Some of the articles in this issue shall demonstrate Pakistan’s capability. Not only that extremists cannot reach to the nukes but even America, where press is publishing stories that our atomic assets should be secured by US by an operation, is not in a position to access to our atomic assets. Any enterprise regarding nukes shall be disastrous for the region and the world including America.

We once again, appeal that American Press should stop publishing stories regarding the safety of our nukes otherwise Pakistan has to reduce its co-operation in the so called war on terror and take its independent position. If west continue to destabilize Pakistan, let us do what we can to stop intrigues and pressure and then let United State be left alone in the deserts and mountains of Afghanistan and let them taste the sour and wounds. The war will escalate beyond American capabilities and its hegemonic design will shatter soon.



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