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America is cooking something?

Non-acceptance of the demands of Pakistan by America for (1) apology on Salala attack (2) To stop drone strikes and (3) payment of US dollars 5000 per container, while they are using other costly options, considered in Pakistan that USA is planning for some covert operations in Pakistan. For the time being, Americans are pampering the insurgency in Balochistan and developing insurgency in Sindh to get Pakistan bow down and accept the American demands. As a result, new weapons are being smuggled from Afghanistan to Balochistan, target killings have been increased, bomb blasts and rocket firing is the order of the day. American bullying tactics continued: (a) President Asif Ali Zardari’s humiliation in Chicago conference (b) insulting behavior of Ms. Hillary Clinton during negotiations (c) the statement of US defense Minister Leon Panetta that US will not be price gouged and (d) calling Dr. Shakil’s sentence disturbing. He further said that (e) this time has been most complicated relationship that we had in comparison to previous ones. Panetta is saying that Pakistan is demanding $5000 per container and US is offering $ 250 only.
This is simple bullying and trying to submit what penny they are offering after damaging all our roads and infrastructure. Furthermore, he in an attempt of temptation of bargaining has been saying that other options are available. In fact, NATO / US forces attacked Salala when their northern rail road was ready in November 2011 and they are using it. But according to their estimations money short Pakistan shall come to terms within three months of this attack because we opened the route closed after we received 47 dead bodies from data khel the next day of the release of Raymond Davis. But this time the route has not been not opened even after six months. Then was Abbotabad operation to humiliate Pakistan.
The Pakistan intelligence community considers it that this attack was only to get President Obama reelected. But the question is “Pakistan sovereignty was not violated?” In fact, Pakistan was humiliated, insulted and tortured. More than that whole Pakistan’s defense came in to question. The fingers were raised on intelligence system. In true sense of the words, it was a complete failure of security and intelligence system or they did not react under American pressure. In any case, our Security Forces, Intelligence Agencies (civil and Military) have to accept the failure to defend their land. Some intelligence officer claims that one helicopter was shot down but it was not accepted publicly by the security forces of Pakistan. If one was shot down why the others were not. Thus humiliation was thy name. Then was Salala and who knows in Siachin, Gayari sectors’ snow slide is also an attack.
Keeping in view what said above and in spite of incurring extra expenses in the transportation in and out Afghanistan by using air and even by using northern supply route costing much more than Pakistan is demanding, the non-payment to Pakistan its demanded money per container shows that American have ulterior motives behind it as this magazine has pointed out in one of the previous editorials.
America would not like to see Pakistan earn through the service it provides to America but would like to see a begging bowl in his hands always looking towards America. Pakistani goods have denied access in its market though Bangladesh has been given access to tease Pakistan. Further, America is sitting in Pakistan with its spies and waiting for a time to strike against Pakistan as was Soviet Union waiting immediate after the creation of Pakistan. Ambassador Mansoor Alam writes in his book that it is not true that Pakistan has two invitation cards; one from America and other from Soviet Union. The fact is that Soviet Union was cooking a revolution in Pakistan overthrowing the Liaqat Ali Khan’s government. He argued in his book and in a seminar that the 1st Prime Minister of Pakistan was invited to Soviet Union on 14th August at the anniversary of Independence of Pakistan. It was requested to change the date which was done but on Soviet Unions’ national day and afterwards Soviet Union cancelled the invitation by saying that it was her national day. According to the Ambassador the Soviet Union was interest to keep Pakistan engaged till the revolution is cooked. In the case of America it seems to be the similar situation.
They are not ready to accept our demands and keeping us engaged, though it is spending much more than Pakistan’s demanded money using other routes. Pakistan governments’ inactiveness and corruption is helping America which would like to see Pakistan paralyzed. Pakistan’s Security Forces, Judiciary, the Media, the Civil Society and the politician should remain on guard and alert and try to demolish insurgency in Balochistan and other parts of the country and prepare themselves for any eventuality by NATO/ USA/India and others. Above all I agree to the Comments of Munir Aktam former Ambassador to UN that “American insults and injuries should convince all powers centers in Pakistan that our salvation can be found at home, not in Washington. We should not sell ourselves for the scraps of aid or transit fee.”



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