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America – the unreliable ally

Pakistan has lost so much in the war of Yankees the so called war on Terror. Pakistan’s 3500 Soldiers have been martyred more than 35000 innocent lives lost in cities by suicidal attacks, drone strikes and fighting with their own people entangled in the revenge cycle. The America has not only given the gifts of tens of thousands corpses but also has crippled our economy and installed a corrupt Government through National Reconciliation Order (NRO) that is eating away every organization or department of Pakistan like termite.
The agenda was to cripple Pakistan. That has being fulfilled and now America as usual has stopped the co-operation as they are asking for something we cannot provide. We cannot kill our people, what America desires; we cannot allow an US coordinator in every garrison of Pakistan; we cannot sack our master spy on the instruction of bullying America. Pakistan has allowed as requested by America to visit so called Osama’s compound at Abbotabad and also allowed to interrogate Osama’s family. We have also agreed to help in finding the five wanted persons to America.
One is already supposedly killed. What we did not want the American boots on our soil, cannot allow CIA to operate in Pakistan freely, also in the disguise of training program, the Americans have bad intention against our nuclear program. They, the American trainer soldiers are not allowed on our soil as they have broken our trust by operation in Abbotabad without taking us in to confidence. They have threatened our sovereignty.
Up on Pakistan protest, America has breached Mehran Base security and destroyed two Orion P-3 aircrafts. They threatened further on 27th May 2011 when Hilary Clinton, the Foreign Minister and Mike Mullen visited Islamabad and handed over a list of demands. Finally, America has suspended the promised and spent money by Pakistan. This is American cowboy style. They have a history of unreliability.
It was during the 1965 Pak-India war when the US military aid to Pakistan was suspended for the first time and second time during 1971 Pak-India war. In 1972, Pakistan started receiving aid from Washington as a reward to facilitate the then US President Nixon’s visit to China for the first time. Again in April 1979, the US cut off its military assistance to Pakistan for the third time under the 1977 Symington Amendment to the US Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. In foreign affairs, necessity makes strange bedfellows, and it serves equally well as a description of the relationship between the United States and Pakistan. In December 1979, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan converted both US and Pakistan into natural allies.
Restriction under the Symington Amendment on military assistance to Pakistan were also waived off by the US Congress in March 1986 and the two countries further agreed on a multi-year (1988-93) dollar four billion economic development and security assistance program. It is notable that the US aid basically swelled from $60 million in economic and development assistance in 1979 to more than $600 million a year in the mid-1980s and the military aid was in addition to the $3.1 billion economic assistance for Islamabad.
But as soon as the Soviet troops withdrew from Afghanistan in 1990, US military assistance was again suspended under the provisions of the Pressler Amendment. As per the Larry Pressler-proposed Amendment, the then US president was required to annually certify to the Congress that Pakistan did not possess the nuclear weapons. Following Pakistan’s successful nuclear tests in May 1998, the United States responded by suspending virtually all assistance to the country under the Glenn Amendment.
In the wake of the dethroning of Nawaz Sharif by General Pervez Musharraf in 1999, the US government put another set of sanctions on Pakistan under the Foreign Appropriate Act. The result of all this back-and-forth is that US is being perceived as an unreliable and fickle ally by Pakistan, who cannot be trusted. The US has always suspended aid to Pakistan whenever it was passing through the crucial phase.
Not only this, America is pressing hard to stop the production of Fissile Material and sign the Fissile Material cut off Treaty (FMCT) whereas it is giving full support to India and giving access to all Nuclear agencies to enhance its capability in nuclear Technology. Pakistan cannot accept this discriminatory attitude of America.
Furthermore, Americans are trying to destabilize Pakistan through insurgencies which is pampering by USA in different parts of Pakistan, especially in Karachi and Balochistan so that Pakistan bows down to the demands of America that harms Pakistan’s interest. Bravo! that Pakistan is resisting and formulating a foreign policy less dependent to USA. It has contacted its neighbors successfully to restore the normal relations, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia Afghanistan and Russia together with Turkey. India is also been contacted to normalize the relations. One can say that we are on the right track in formulating the new Foreign Policy.



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