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A new System required: To defeat imperial mindset

Another year has ended with much activity within the country. 2017 has been a crucial year in many ways both good and bad. One good thing which can be said about 2017 is that, it has been a year of awareness and realization for Pakistan. This year the judiciary took bold steps against corruption, it was this year that Pakistan took a stand and informed its slippery allies that enough is enough sending a loud and clear message that we are in no mood neither under any pressure to accept the prevailing hypocrisy and it was this year that a clear line was drawn between those who are in favor of a strong stable Pakistan and those who stand against this ideology. The truth has been laid bare for anyone to see but there are still those who are audaciously denying it. Who, despite their proven guilt, seek to save themselves by claiming to be patriots working in the interest of Pakistan, but there claims remain hollow and their audacity knows no bounds. One thing that the nation is contemplating for quite some time, more so in the past year is how to improve the current system and what is the way out. Majority of the elected people are corrupt, their election into power is based on exploitation of the needs of poor people of Pakistan. The current elections are won through money, votes are bought not sought and earned as result this ensures that generations of a family come into power. What we have in Pakistan is sort of an imperial democracy where the rulers are of the same family and there is no place for the honest and the worthy to come into power. This approach has brought Pakistan on the verge of destruction. There is no security for the common man and the needs of the common folk are not met. Development, infrastructure and national security are all put at risk just for the sake of enhancing personal wealth. This shows that the current form of system has failed for if democracy was prevalent in Pakistan, Judiciary’s decision would not have been challenged publicly but respected. People who are convicted by the court would have resigned and there would have been no problem in replacing them, Instead the convicted start to challenge the stability and security of the country from within. In case of PML-N Nawaz Sharif should have stepped away and should have allowed a new candidate to take seat of Prime Minister of Pakistan, but as it’s not a democratic party but an imperial one he is afraid of doing so as he acting apparently like a King. Mr. Nawaz Sharif, ever since his disqualification through proper legal channel, has done nothing but challenge the country’s institutions and threatened to de-stabilize the country just for his own benefit. His daughter has started playing a dangerous game of fourth generation warfare where the country’s civilians are compelled to battle their own armed forces to induce a state of anarchy in Pakistan which will eventually God forbid  lead to the disintegration of Pakistan as is the plan of the enemy. Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Ms. Maryam Nawaz made the intentions of PML-N leadership very clear. Her choice of words and that of her fathers were clear enough for everybody to understand. They intend to use a force of social media activists to instigate violence, similarly to the strategy used to start the Arab Spring the result of which are known and clear to everyone. It is high time for the nation to understand that there are more options for a system of governance other than imperial democracy or dictatorship. For instance a system run by specialists and experts with clear background would work well for Pakistan, as it will be a system of selection where the manipulation will not come into to play and the people of power will have no political pressure to indulge in corruption but will doing the work that they are selected for. In order for this system to prevail, the candidates should be selected without prejudice, based on their performance and achievements, loyalty to the country and should have a clear record in terms of corruption and associations with third parties.



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