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America, Israel and India Nexus

It is said in this world that if you are powerful you can get away with anything; this stands true both on a micro level as the rich and powerful are exploiting the less privileged members of their society and on a macro level where powerful nations are inhumanely exploiting other nations for their benefit. These nations or individuals blatantly disguise their cruelty in the name of justice and peace when in reality, they are interested in acquiring more wealth influence, power and primacy. These individuals and nations refuse to look in the mirror and keep talking of a big game where their cause is noble and innocent people fighting for their right are criminals or terrorists.

Leading this movement from the front is the dynamic duo of America and Israel. Israel’s existence is the perfect example of terrorists entering a land, killing the natives and driving them out their own homes and making those homes their own. This is the how Israel came into existence. The crimes committed by the occupying Israeli forces against the innocent unarmed people of Palestine are not hidden from anyone instead the videos of those crimes circulate the social media where people watch those videos and remain silent against a cruel of highest level and apartheid nation.

The Israeli nation and the Americans are common in a way that they are both usurpers. Americans acquired their land by eliminating the native red Indians, basically they are connected with a past, present and foreseeable future of bloodshed. This pattern of tyranny against the natives is similar to what is practiced by the terrorist organizations of today for instance ISIS. This gives reinforces the fact that ISIS is in fact the tool of America to support Israeli cause, keeping American supremacy over world and looting the wealth globally. American state machinery, particularly the American media is and has been very effectively used to support Israeli cause, to the point that very few American media houses are not under Israeli pressure as a result Israeli interest is never ignored.

Supporting their cause in South Asia and living up to their tyrannical ways is India. Indian treatment of the Kashmiri people is not hidden from anyone in the world. So far they have killed over a hundred thousand innocent Kashmiris, since 1947. Much like the Israeli forces they target the young, old and the women of Kashmir. Suggested by Israel, Indian forces are currently using pellet guns to blind and maim the youth of Kashmir.

Similar to the behavior of Israelis with Palestinians, Indians humiliate Kashmiri women and children as a form of mental torture. It is important to note here that targeting of children, women and elderly is practiced by Tehrik-e-taliban Pakistan (TTP) and ISIS among other terrorist organizations operating in the world, leaving very little doubt as to who fathered these organizations. Even after committing such heinous crimes against humanity they refuse to back down and have no remorse.

Instead they justify their actions or simply no heed to the criticism pretending as if nothing happened. America invaded Iraq stating that Saddam Hussain had weapons of mass destruction, when the world knew very well that this invasion was done for Iraq’s oil. As a result, Americans defended the weapons of mass destruction justification as long as they wanted to and later admitted that it was a false alarm, acknowledged it was a mistake and to stay in Iraq. American stay in Iraq and Afghanistan has brought nothing but extremism and destruction for the countries but they still remain adamant that they are in Iraq and Afghanistan to eliminate terrorism, despite the world knowing better that America has built nine underground bases to keep an eye on Russia, Chia, Iran, Pakistan and central Asian states full of natural wealth. America, has achieved in Afghanistan what it wanted to.

It now interested to keep Afghanistan destabilized so that American bases remain safe.  Instead of backing down, members of this nexus have expanded to India, bringing more destruction and blood shed to more countries like Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, Somali, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other Muslim countries. The main reason for this mindless crusade is mainly the Israeli vision of a greater Israel in the region and to keep maintain it supremacy over world to loot and humiliate the mankind. In order to achieve and sustain these ideas they are working to destabilize any country which, in terms of land area, military might or population might pose a threat for the greater state of Israel and America’s unipolar status.

Consequently, Israel has decided to solve the problem of Palestinians by eliminating them entirely and addressing other Muslim countries of the region through India and America.  As a result, three of these apartheid countries; India, Israel and America who have created an Axis of evil to destabilize, Pakistan and Iran and endanger the world peace. Further, Pakistan is looking to achieve financial independence through CPEC and this does not suit their plans as Pakistan is already a military and nuclear power but lacks financial stability.

This Nexus of America, Israel and India is a threat to the peace of this world and it is important to address this rising threat collectively. It is very likely that America may use its ultimate weapon of weather modification against Pakistan as it had used in 2005 and 2010 against Pakistan and in 2011 against Japan. If this could be proved, Pakistan has the right of befitting reply and Pakistan should be prepared for it.  With Trump in Power, the world peace is totally in danger and this axis will be tool for any war, increasing miseries to human beings.



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